It's here!

Hello, folks!

Here we are, writing another 'first blog post', when in fact I've done this countless times on countless occasions. Yet, my nervousness around first blog posts remains the same as it was since I wrote my real first post more than 10 years ago. I suppose there is always an anxiety around exposing yourself to the public, as anyone can pass judgement without filters. In saying that I also find such a thrill about new projects, which is why we're here right now.

I'd like to think that I've come a long way from my early days as a blogger (I can tell for certain that Internet speeds have done), but one thing that's stayed constant throughout this whole process is that I feel it's quite important for me to be sharing parts of me with others. In 2009 I moved to Australia, where I started a blog to document my new life. This eventually got abandoned in 2011, for reasons I cannot recall. In 2014, I again started a blog, largely because I needed to offload on how difficult unemployment was, but also because I thought that other people who were in a similar position might find some of my coping strategies useful. This blog, thankfully, is still running.

Besides my passion for science and research (I'm halfway through a PhD in Health Psychology), I'm also very keen on delicious food that's also presented well. For years I've been thinking about creating a website with its own domain, when suddenly it occurred to me this was the perfect opportunity for me to meld these interests together and archive them digitally! Thus, The Academicook was born. I envisage this site to be a (well curated) home for my culinary adventures, so as thrilled as I am to finally have this live, I won't be posting for the sake of posting as such. In the meantime, see you on my other social media pages, which is on the right-hand side of this page.

Hungry for more,
The Academicook