Lazy weekend mornings

If I'm not out on a Friday night, chances are, I'd be having a lovely sleep in, which is followed by a hot brekky and a potent cup of coffee. The aforementioned breakfast typically involves a bit of bacon, because who doesn't like bacon, right (right?!)? Anyway a few weekends ago, I put together this hearty beech smoked back bacon and egg sandwich. I thought I'd share - although the recipe is far from complex and can be whipped up very quickly - there is something quite therapeutic about making breakfast at a more relaxed pace.

Lazy weekend bacon and egg sandwich (makes one)
2 slices Chleb Polski, buttered
2-3 rashers beech smoked back bacon, grilled
1 San Marzano tomato, sliced and grilled
1 egg, fried (1-2 min on high each side if you want it runny)
1 1/2 tsp dijonnaise (I use Maille), spread evenly on the 2 slices of bread
15g strong cheddar cheese, grated and/or 2 slices mozarella (optional)

Layer up the egg, bacon, tomatoes and cheese in between the two slices of bread, and tuck in!

Cheesy, eggy, bacon-y, sourdough-y. YUM :)

Cheesy, eggy, bacon-y, sourdough-y. YUM :)

Homemade flat white

Homemade flat white

I've thought about it, and I've decided that I cannot end this post without sharing my coffee recipe. I use a Bialetti Moka Express for this.

Triple shot flat white (makes one strong cup)
Fill the Moka Express with water as per instructions in manual - I have a 6-cup one, therefore I fill it with water to the line. Use dark roast coffee (I usually use strength 4 Lavazza or similar), but only fill the coffee receptacle approximately halfway or slightly over.

(I realise now that maybe this is blasphemous in the eyes of Bialetti expert users (ha), but you've got to make do with what you have... If you have a 3-cup then that's even better!)

Put this over a low heat, and whilst its brewing get your milk ready for warming and frothing. I use whatever milk is about (hazelnut, almond, coconut, soy... whatever), but I find that whole milk does the best job out of the lot! Over a medium heat, warm 80-100ml milk until it reaches boiling point, then reduce to a low heat and whisk the milk using a magic whisk. That is, if you haven't got a milk frother!

(See now I'm just making your lives a little bit more challenging hahaha)

The coffee should be ready at this point. Rest it for a minute, pour into your mug of choice, and slowly pour the milk over the coffee and top it with a thin layer of foam.

There you have it, breakfast fit for a lazy weekend! Enjoy!

Hungry for more,
The Academicook