Midweek 15-minute meal: zesty Yorkshire blue mac

This Wednesday I've got a quick an extremely tasty dish for all of you to have a go at. It doesn't need any fancy equipment, or a lot of preparation, so you really have no excuse but to try this! First of all, this is a hearty pasta dish that can easily feed two but obviously if you're feeling the midweek slump, please go and indulge yourself! Second of all it's vegetarian, so you're also doing the planet some good by having this.

Cheesy, lemony goodness

Cheesy, lemony goodness

ight - let's crack on:

Zesty Yorkshire blue mac
uice and zest of 1 lemon
Olive oi
115g Yorkshire blue chees
Salt and peppe
125g macaron
Pine nuts (optional)
White pepper (optional)
3 tbsp starchy pasta wate


If you really want this done in 15 minutes, put the kettle on! If not - put a saucepan full of water to the boil. Cook pasta as per packet instructions. Whilst the pasta is going, juice and st the lemon, and mix with a generous glug of olive oil and freshly cracked salt and pepper until completely emulsified. Break up the cheese and set aside. Save 3 tablespoons of pasta water and add to the lemon mixture. Once the pasta is cooked to your liking, drain well and replace into the saucepan. Add the lemon emulsion first, then slowly add in all the cheese as you melt it under medium heat. It will look a bit watery but it should absorb as you melt the cheese. Pop onto a large bowl and serve with crispy garlic bread. I had mine with pine nuts and white pepper sprinkled on top and that worked well also.

I hope you enjoy this dish as much as I did - it's really quick and filling, and can easily be dressed up too (imagine pancetta and rocket as toppings, or grilled chicken and lemon thyme - YUM!!!)

Hungry for more,
The Academicoo