5-ingredient sharing platter under £10, under 10min

Now, this dish is for those of you who want to serve a lush sharing platter for a small party at home, using only five ingredients. This is especially useful for Monday nights, where lazy meals are normally required... This dish combines the lovely textures of crisp rye crispbread, cream cheese, ripe mangoes, and smoked salmon. A good friend of mine is a big fan of well-combined textures - and I think this platter does exactly that.

Scottish smoked salmon and mango crispbreads (serves 1-2, double everything if wanting to make a serving big for 3-4 - will still be under a tenner - £9.54 to be exact!)
4 Ryvita dark rye crispbread
2 big slices Scottish smoked salmon
1 cheek of a large mango, sliced
Light soft cheese
Chilli flakes (if you're not a fan of spice - replace with freshly cracked sea salt and pepper)

Spread a generous layer of cream cheese on each of the crispbreads. Assemble on a large plate, and top two crispbreads with the sliced mango, and the other two with the smoked salmon. Then, sprinkle the mango crispbreads with chilli flakes. Serve with Prosecco, or elderflower sparkling water.

I assure you this will go down a treat - it's light, flavoursome and is on the right side of adventurous! The smokiness of the salmon works really well with the sweetness of the mango and the heat of the chilli, and is finely balanced out by the creaminess of the soft cheese. Of course you can experiment with this even further, by trying out different types of crispbread or toppings, for example - share your ideas in the comments below!

Hungry for more,
The Academicook