Meat free challenge: Day 3

Admittedly, I struggled a little bit today with the challenge. It wasn't that I was craving meat or whatnot, but I was just feeling fatigued from all the exercise I've been doing. Today was a lazy day in the kitchen for me. Brekky involved 2 white bloomers, one sweet and one savoury:

I had half a fresh pawpaw with lemon juice, one white bloomer slice with vegetarian soft cheese and spicy smashed avo, and one white bloomer slice with Whole Earth palm oil free crunchy peanut butter, Wilkin & Sons Tiptree no peel orange marmalade and cinnamon. I also had a cup of coffee with a bit of soy milk. It was really filling and kept me going all morning! I felt energised after breakfast so I did Ellie Goulding's 15-minute tighten and tone NTC workout after I wrote the methods section of one of my studies for the PhD. At lunch, I had an even lazier meal:

Super salad bowl

Super salad bowl

Essentially... I cut up some carrots and cucumber, chopped mint and coriander, and crumbled some falafel I had in the fridge. I dressed it with the vegannaise I was raving about yesterday, which has 15g of basil, 250ml vegetable oil, 125ml soy milk, 2 cloves of garlic, and salt and pepper blitzed up together. SO YUMMY. In the afternoon I spent time reading and reviewing a paper, then had a quick nap before I went for a 3.6k run and a 2-hour yoga class. By the time I got back home all I wanted was a hot shower and sleep so I sliced 30g of vegetarian Emmental and ate this with 2 bits of Ryvita wholegrain crackerbread. I did, however, make a lovely mixed berry and mint smoothie:

To make this, you'll need to liquidise:
1 cup frozen mixed berries
1 banana
Small handful of mint
175ml Greek yogurt
125ml soy milk

And that's it from me today, folks! Still enjoyed everything I ate to be honest, but I just had less elaborate dishes today. I also realised that through this challenge I'm taking my interpretation of ahimsa (nonviolence) to a whole new level.

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