Proper comfort food in about half an hour

It's May, and it's only just getting warmer in the UK. As if I needed an excuse to have comfort food for dinner... Anyway we had these beautiful sausages in the fridge and I thought it would be nice to make a little Catherine wheel sausage out of it. I took inspiration from Jamie Oliver's 30-minute meals. Not all meals take 30 minutes, but this is probably one that does! I love this book and I think all amateur cooks should have it in their (cook)bookshelf! I think he's got a slightly different apple salad to go with the sausages, and possibly mash instead of new potatoes. However, as I love texture and spice I felt like I had to make crispy potatoes (ultimate comfort if you ask me), and toss the crisp, sweet apple with peppery wild rocket.

To serve 2 you'll need:
For the Catherine wheel sausage -
6 high quality sausages (at least 85% pork) 
Sage leaves (15g), leaves torn off stalks
1tsp Vegetable oil

For the rocket and apple salad -
100g wild rocket
1 medium apple, sliced into matchsticks and left in a bowl with water and a drop of lemon juice
Grana Padano (30g), grated
Small handful of slivered almonds
Salt and pepper
1tbsp apple cider vinegar
3tbsp extra virgin olive oil

For the crispy new potatoes -
New potatoes (200g), quartered
15g flat leaf parsley, roughly chopped
1tbsp vegetable oil
Salt and pepper
Some plain flour

Start off with preheating the oven to 200c fan. On a roasting tray, toss the quartered potato in parsley, oil, salt and pepper, and some plain flour.


Chuck the potatoes in the oven, reducing the heat to 180c and setting the timer for 30 minutes. Then get cracking with the sausages. All you'll need to do is untwist the sausages, and fill the gaps in the casing by moving/pushing the sausage meat around. Once you've done this, lightly grease a baking tray with vegetable oil, leaving some for the top of the sausages. Roll it into a wheel, as below:


Squeeze in the sage leaves in between the gaps (as above) - this will nicely flavour your sausages and make it smell pretty amazing too! You'll now want to get busy prepping the salad, and enjoying the beautiful smells coming out of the oven hahaha. Drain the apple, and simply toss it with the salad leaves. Grate the Grana Padano and place it all over the salad. Add the slivered almonds, too. For the dressing (which you'll want to add just when you're dishing up), simply mix the oil, cider vinegar, salt and pepper in a bowl and whisk! Top tip: If you're prepping this in advance for use another day, use an old jar to prep the dressing. Pour all the ingredients into the jar, seal, and shake!


Plate up and tuck in!

Hungry for more,
The Academicook