Dark choc granola

My good friend Claire and I were talking breakfast yesterday morning, and by the end of it I was craving granola with dark chocolate! So, after dinner I set out to make some for breakfast tomorrow. I like granola with deep, smoky flavours and without fruit, so if that’s to your taste, then this recipe is for you! 


For 2 portions you’ll need: 
40g rolled oats
20g flaked almonds
10g sunflower seeds
1tbsp vegetable oil
2tsp honey
1.5tsp desiccated coconut
4 squares 70% dark chocolate


Preheat your oven to 150c (fan). Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Combine all the ingredients together in a bowl, except the coconut. Spread fairly evenly on your baking sheet, then put in the oven at 150c for 10-15min. Take the granola out out and sprinkle the coconut on top. Fold this in carefully, to make sure you get nice clumps of granola (if you like it super chunky like I do), then put this back in the oven for about 6-8min. Leave it out to cool, and whilst that’s taking place, melt the chocolate in the microwave (about 10-15sec on highest setting- just keep an eye out as you don’t want the chocolate to burn), and stir until all the chocolate is completely melted and smooth! Drizzle this on top of the granola and leave it to cool. Place in an airtight container and store in the fridge to allow the chocolate to set.


I highly recommend eating this with Greek yogurt, or full-fat milk, or hazelnut milk! Hope you enjoy :-)

Hungry for more,
The Academicook